About Paver Savers

SWFL's First Choice in Paver Maintenance

Paver Savers & Concrete is Southwest FLorida's first choice when it comes to anything pavers. We have years of expertise in all aspects of brick paver maintenance. Wether you are in need of a high quality sealer application to protect your new brick paver installation or home purchase, all the way to complete restoration or minor repairs. While many brick paver sealing companies around today only offer application of sealer without determining if your installation requires any maintanence prior to, Paver Savers & Concrete ensures that your installation is brought back to its 'new-like' state before sealing. If your old acrylic is wearing unevenly or turning grey to white, Paver Savers & Concrete specializes in removing, also known as stripping, that old acrylic to reveal your original brick paver surface. Once removed you are free to seal with our premium two part water based urethane penetrating sealer.

Paver Savers & Concrete uses only the highest quality penetrating sealer from sealer Lock to give your pavers that 'wet-look' finish that makes the colors vibrant as if they were still wet, similar to just after a SWFL rain storm. The penetrating sealer however, does not leave that slippery, "film-forming" coating over the surface, and is guaranteed to never chip, flake, or turn white! Please take a moment and read through our website. You will find testimonials from many of our past customers, along with high-quality before and after photos of all degree regarding brick paver restoration and protection. If at any time you find yourself asking a question that you are unsure about, please, call us immediatly or click on our contact page to receive a speedy answer via email. Thank you for visiting us! We hope to meet you soon.

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