Brick Paver Repair

Paver Savers & Concrete can repair your paver driveway, pool area, lanai & more.

Why are my pavers moving?

As you can see from the image to the right, a proper installation consists of only a few quality steps. Soil erosion and large tree roots are most often the cause of paver problems. A well installed compacted base will ensure a job that will last!

Sand base erosion around pool

Often something is causing the earth below the surface to shift or erode away. If you have a spot where water constantly puddles or lands it can cause problems depending on the installation.

Nice Video for the adventurous "Do-It-Yourselfer"

Do you have a small area of pavers that are sinking and think you want to tackle it yourself? Watch this great little video to gain some tips and have fun (we'll be here if you need us)!

Patio sinking?

Let Paver Savers & Concrete come out and repair your pavers for you so you can enjoy you patio or lanai again.

Properly installed pavers are meant to last a life time!

We are passionate about pavers, especially here in Southwest Florida. Everything is so beautiful and time spent outdoors with family and friends is always a time to remember. Brick pavers are becoming more and more popular every day here in Florida and also becoming more affordable. When installed properly they almost always elevate the curb appeal of the property making the owners proud.

Pavers do require some minimal maintenance as the years go by. Besides keeping them cleaned and sealed it can be a good idea to sweep sand back into the joints every year or so, unless you chose to use polymeric sand or use a joint sand hardening sealer like Cobble Loc. Some of the elements here in Southwest Florida can be pretty damaging to your beautiful hardscape.

With that said, the most important element of your hardscape is the foundation that it sits on. With the soft, wet soil that we have and the daily showers it is vital that a proper depth of compacted aggregate be placed beneath the sand and pavers of your hardscape. Without this, you will certainly run into problems of your pavers sinking or separating.

Good edging restraint is also important and must be maintained depending on the installation. Some are installed below the surface and locked in with surrounding earth or curbs or adjacent to your home. Often concrete will be used around the paver edges to lock them in place. Concrete that is troweled above the ground will fail after several years and must be kept up. If this is ignored the pavers will begin separating one by one and will only worsen over time. Don't let that happen.

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