We can pressure clean your driveway

This client watched their driveway turn black during the rainy season and said that they didn't enjoy walking on it. Our surface cleaning attachments can bring your driveway back to its original color and remove all the dirt and mold.

Two car driveway only $79.00 this month!

Is your lanai not so attractive lately?

Pressure cleaning the outside areas of your home is annual maintenance here in Florida. With all the rain, heat, and Humidity mold and dirt is inevitable. We can clean your driveway, pool deck, lanai, & more!

Sparkling pool deck ready for company!

Getting ready for a party or company and your pool deck is dirty? Call us today and we'll come out and gently pressure clean everything so you can focus on the guests.

Boat dock looking grey & dirty?

Pressure cleaning wood and composite boat docks makes them look brand new again. If your boat dock had years of build up let us pressure clean it and show you the difference.

Pressure cleaning can remove years of dirt and mold!

All homes in Florida need annual maintenance on the outside to keep them looking fresh and clean, especially after our humid and wet rainy season. Keeping your exteriors clean and removing dirt, mold, and algae helps to prevent damage to your paint and other surfaces. Paver Savers & Concrete uses various methods to clean individual surfaces to ensure sparkling clean results.

Questions? Call us today at 877-607-3786 and we would be happy answer them for you.

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