What is Stained Concrete?

Concrete is a versatile and well-appreciated material that is weaved into homes, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, malls, etc. When it is applied correctly to a clean interior and exterior surface, you will obtain a great decorative effect at an affordable price.

Concrete stain enables the concrete to fill it with rich, deep, translucent tones. It will give you a unique effect or result according to the configuration and age of the concrete and surface absorbency. It is beyond just adding colors to the surface.

The color effect will be last long as stains penetrate the concrete surface. Make sure the concrete is properly prepared before applying it which leads to color that will not fade, chip, or peel away. Rest assured that you have invested in the right product.

Most often, people ask, can it be applied to all concrete surfaces. You can apply both the acid and water-based stains new or old and plain or naturally colored concrete. They can cover both the exterior and interior concrete surfaces without any trouble, be it walkways and patios to family room floors and kitchen countertops. Just make sure about a proper condition of concrete to attain full-color development.

As a leading and highly experienced company, we offer different sorts of Stained Concrete such as Acid-based stain (It reacts chemically with the concrete and makes natural color variations) and Water-based stain (come in a full spectrum of shades) as per the industry standard to meet the market demand. You can choose one of them as per the look you want to achieve. Paver Savers & Concrete is Southwest Florida's first choice when it comes to anything pavers. Rest assured of the best deal.

Why do you opt for Stained Concrete?

Stability- Concrete stain create-resistant and enduring color as it penetrates concrete creates surface precisely. Rest assured that the color will not peel away.

Superior flexibility- The best thing is that you can get different attractive effects at an affordable pricing range. it ranges from custom design, bright design accents, etc. You can choose a mixed stain color or simple shade.

Environment-Friendly- This is an eco-friendly option to choose from more than ever before. You don’t need to bother about anything.

You can rely on our expert and highly skilled team for the best standard of Stained Concrete service. Customers can access our service at a competitive price. It gives the concrete a permanent flake-proof color that won't dull, crack or peel.

Do you want some creativity in this task? We have got you covered. We can paint in different patterns, words, and letters as well that correspond to the house colors. No matter the type of design and color you need, we can make it possible for you.

Our expert professionals will visit your place to make sure that the surface is ready to paint and no oil stains or water is present on the surface as concrete can hold a lot of water. They are water-based acrylic stains or dyes specially intended for concrete surfaces. They will penetrate the absorbent surfaces attaining permanent coloring effects. Concrete Painting also breathes out stuck moisture beneath the permeable surface, avoiding blisters and discoloration of the interesting color.

We can reinvent your concrete surface look change the color easily. We offer affordable services to meet your budget range.